New Earth,

YBCA Fellows Project, 2018

Silicon Landscapes,

Install Views, 2016-17

Place Positions, 2015

Place Positions II, 2015

Tree Skype, 2015

Lights Camera Action, 2014

200 ft., 2013

I Wish to Communicate With You/Signals Not Understood, 2013

Just passing through, 2012

Divining, 2011

5-minute excerpt from a 60-minute high-definition video (16:9; 1080p24). Documentation of a live video conference between one Eucalyptus in the Oakland hills and another in Sydney, Australia. This gesture aimed to open up a space in which a ‘conversation’ could occur between two Eucalyptus trees - one a ‘native’ species and the other an ‘invasive’ one - in just the kind of distance-erasing technological environment that has accelerated similar global flows of people and plants.