New Earth,

YBCA Fellows Project, 2018

Silicon Landscapes,

Install Views, 2016-17

Place Positions, 2015

Place Positions II, 2015

Tree Skype, 2015

Lights Camera Action, 2014

200 ft., 2013

I Wish to Communicate With You/Signals Not Understood, 2013

Just passing through, 2012

Divining, 2011

This 2-channel video piece reflects on the fact that our relationship with and representation of the world is always a negotiation. It is an attempt to orient ourselves within a space and within its pre-established parameters. Such parameters might refer to the physical constraints of space or time, and often paradoxically result in a disconnection, rather than a connection with landscape. Even what we call the wilderness usually comes with a tourist architecture of trails, hand-rails and designated viewpoints from which to begin our negotiation with those places.

High definition video (16:9, 1080p24).

Shown at Southern Exposure, San Francisco in This Will Never Work